Rossini, Il Barbiere di Seviglia (Dr. Bartolo), Singapore Lyric Opera, Juli 2007,

Zitiert aus: Opera magazine, Ausgabe November 2007:

... SLO (Singapore Lyric Opera) had at its disposal a first-rate cast from half a douzen countries.

Best of all was the German Michael Lion, with the kind of booming voice that would do justice to Hagen (one of his roles), but also with the flexibility and agility for a sensational Bartolo. ...



... „The success of this production extended to the rest of the cast: rejecting the usual buffo approach, Michael Lion gave imposing authority as Dr. Bartolo (picture, left, threatening Rosina with a scalpel. Rosina has an interesting sense of fashion here, despite being so oppressed), making it easy to see why the feisty Rosina is so afraid of his booming bass and towering presence.  ... - kompletter Artikel:

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